Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment – India (ALERT – INDIA)

Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment – India (ALERT– INDIA), an NGO based in Mumbai, is primarily engaged in the field of health promotion among the most vulnerable section of society in urban and rural areas of Maharashtra since more than 3 and half decades.

ALERT-INDIA works towards controlling communicable diseases like leprosy, TB and HIV AIDS in close collaboration with the public health system of the Government at various levels. All its health programes enable inclusive growth of the underprivileged people that will create long term value for society at large. 

ALERT-INDIA has professional team with vast experience in implementing community health programes for specific population groups such as economically weaker section, adolescent, women, and migrants in slums.

Case Details:

  1. ALERT INDIA wanted to measure the Social return on investment  (SROI) of their projects in totality to present to it’s donors and other  stakeholder’s. In India, it was the first of it’s kind study conducted for  organization working for leprosy affected patients.
  2. CSRDS prepared survey tools and set up interviews with end-  beneficiaries, staff, families, donors et al.
  3. With the help of our experts, we conducted SROI Analysis  following SROI London methodology.