CIDCO Vocational Training Institute

The CIDCO Vocational Training Centre, designed a well thought out curriculum to create a productive workforce for the future industries as well as to create a pool of self Mumbai. CIDCO under took the rehabilitation work of the people in Navi needed to ensure that the PAP youth are placed in the growing industrial sector in Navi Mumbai. CIDCO made an exhaustive list of courses to be taught to PAP youth at the center but the analysis showed the concerns that PAP educated youth stay unemployed and hence there was a focus to train the PAP youth and women. They were to be trained in skills that would enhance their chances to become entrepreneurs and self dependence.

CIDCO tied with SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai to provide the content of the courses at the Droangiri PAP Center and Dr. Brahma Prakash Tripathi was a part of the professional team that was offering knowledge and skills to the PAP youth and women through the training centre courses from retail management to office management to catering for women from July 2009. Each course would have a nominal charge of Rs 250, the Chief Minister at that time, was keen that CIDCO ensures that the youth trained at the center are placed in malls and service industry. Some of these young boys, girls and women, went to become entrepreneurs and opened their own small retail stores that offered many different products.

Location: Dronagiri Workshop
In Association: SNDT Women’s