Federation of Responsible Business entities

Proposal to form society for Responsible Business Leadership professionals

Background On April 1, 2014, India became the first country to legally mandate corporate social responsibility. The new rules in Section 135 of India's Companies Act make it mandatory for companies of a certain turnover and profitability to spend two percent of their average net profit for the past three years on CSR. There have been several amendments introduced in the law since then based on the inputs received by the industry. Although the Law has been mandated there is a lack of a professional body representing the people working on it in the corporations or any other entity. Moreover the complete lack of an education system to handle the upcoming requirements from management perspective by the industry has left a huge gap of understanding the subject matter. The need for professional networking, benchmarking the best practices in the industry, knowledge exchange, research and development by a neutral entity with representation from all the sectors of the industry to develop the professional expertise is the need of the hour. We at IICSR, would like to address this burning issue to ensure the upcoming generations are not devoid of awareness and knowledge of sustainable development. Furthermore, there is an appropriate and respectful representation of professionals working in the space of CSR, Sustainability, ESG, and largely Responsible Business Leadership in the industry. In order to achieve the vision, we propose to build a society of top 100 listed companies on NSE/BSE to join the mission by holding 1 share each for collaborative development. A society to function as a democratic body with elections conducted to decide the representation at various levels.

1) Research and development
2) Networking
3) Benchmarking the best practices in the industry
4) Recognition
5) Defining industry norms
6) Training and development on the professional skills
7) Defining the code of conduct for the professionals
8) Introducing guidelines and frameworks for Responsible Development in the industry
9) Support in providing skilled manpower
10) Project Implementation support

Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Banglore

National President National Vice President General Secretary Treasurer

Western President Western Vice President Western Secretary Treasurer

Eastern President Eastern Vice President Eastern Secretary Treasurer

South President
South Vice
South Secretary

Committees Sustainable development Industry-wise: Hospitality, Extractive, Banking, FMCG etc Cause based committees: Education, healthcare, environment, livelihood, etc 4
Mission of committees
1) To define the best practices in the respective sector/cause for upliftment
2) To identify the knowledge gap and develop educational content
3) To undertake R&D projects
4) To release newsletters on semi annual basis
5) To recommend solutions for sustainable development
6) To map, measure and monitor the development aligning with the national and
global indicators and policies.
7) Represent the sector and take onus to make improvisations.
8) Undertake major decisions as decided by the industry in a democratic way.


1. The first 100 companies on invitation basis at nominal consideration of
INR 10,000 and the shares would be transferred with respect to the same
They would be offered a membership for 2 years post that on a
membership renewal basis.
2. For NGOs, social enterprises a nominal fee of INR 2500 annually.
3. College/university/institute at INR 5000 to avail the opportunities
presented by the society.


1) The experts joining the society would need to hold the present/prior
position of CSR/Sustainability/ESG/HSE/Social entrepreneurs/CSR and
Sustainability advisors or consultants and or any similar positions as given
by the company which enables them to be a proponent of Responsible
Business Leadership. The nominal fee of INR 2000 annually would be
2) The people who foresee being a part of the Responsible Business
leadership but have no experience in the same need to hold a certification and or degree from any reputed institute in India or elsewhere. The nominal fee of INR 3000 annually.
3) A student wing of the society would be quintessential to develop the future leaders and enable industry-academia integration. Each student could take a membership at INR 500 annually.