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999 Flexi Learning  

IICSR has developed the 999 Flexi learning course is specially designed for working professionals to learn online and upskill themselves with the dynamic learnings in the field of Responsible Business Practices. 9 months – 90 hours – 90k learning from practitioners with 2 decades+ experience.

Live Interactions with Global Changemakers (LIGC)

Sustainable development and Corporate Responsibility was the future but are the PRESENT NOW. To reflect on the ongoings and define the unconventional new management practices in the new world we at IICSR are deliberating with the World leaders on innovative business practices for sustainable development.

Masters course in CSR and Sustainability

IICSR has developed 220 hours comprehensive Masters’s Course in Sustainability and CSR. The objective of the program is to develop senior executives who can understand responsible business practices to grow in the professional world. The courses are offered by practitioners.


International Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility is a Company licensed under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (the Act), erstwhile known as Section 25 Companies act. IICSR is a leading think tank and research center for Sustainable business practices. We offer industry-specific workshops and certification courses to the practitioners. We are amongst the first in India to start a Masters in Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility with recognized universities.

IICSR is a United Nations Global Compact India Signatory

“International Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility” is the center point in the world to gain knowledge and expertise in Sustainable and Responsible Business Practices.

Latest Courses

Compendium on Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development (EISD) – 2017

Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development

EISD - 2017

Rs. 417

Sustainable Economy – Part 1: Increasing Significance of Non-Financial Reporting

Sustainable Economy - Increasing significance of Non-Financial reports

Sustainable Economy

Rs. 266