IICSR University

IICSR University is established to impart training on CSR, Sustainability, ESG and allied areas contributing towards Sustainable development. It is focussed to building future Responsible Business Leaders globally. It aims to bolster the corporations to achieve the goals set-up by the United Nations, Global Climate Accord and other international platforms concerned with sustainable development.

In its journey IICSR University aims to support the Impact entrepreneurs and NGOs to enhance their impact on the society.

IICSR University is a conduit between the key stakeholders - Government, Corporations and Civic society to work in tandem and to upskill themselves for accelerated sustainable development.

ISKM University assists in project implementation and advisory to key stakeholders to achieve its aim for inclusive and sustainable growth.

We are accredited by the MEPSC (Ministry of skills development and entrepreneurship) and American Council of Training and Development (ACTD)