Responsible Investments is a global challenge being faced by all  the Corporates and Governments across the world. To address them the financial industry is taking measures and developing tools to take informed decisions. With strong linkages being established between Sustainability and growth, shareholders and the investment community are emphasizing the need to invest in companies which are sustainable and socially responsible. 

International Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (IICSR) is working to build a bridge between the investment community in the developed and emerging countries to create common investment parameters and set goals for the future. This initiative is organized with an aim to shape the world economy towards sustainable and responsible economy. It would be a melting pot for diverse geographies to deliberate and draw a 5 years roadmap and parameters to define achievable targets by each country and implement the same.





Metrics to measure by the investors

There are several existing parameters and tools in the form of Non-financial reports available with the investors to take informed decisions. Here the best tools would be deliberated upon and the relevant parameters industry and geography wise to make a sustainable investment decisions.

10 am to 11 am

Communicating Sustainable business case studies to the investors

Many corporates are implementing sustainable business practices. To communicate them to the respective responsible investors is the key. Companies which are successfully upscaling themselves and raising responsible investments for their activities would share their experiences and what are the investors looking for?

The sustainability of any financial institution is dependent on the way it disburses loans or does trade with the counterparts. How is international BFSI sector approaching the business responsibly. Case studies – BFSI, ADB, IMC, IFFC

11 am to 12 pm

Building Nexus: Stakeholder Engagement + Case Studies

To define new business conventions we need to connect dots to create legislators push, markets/investors pull, social entrepreneurs push leading to executional sustainable plans by corporates than complacence. For any entity to become sustainable numerous stakeholders play an active role. The role of each stakeholder is discussed along with case studies

Legislator | Corporate | Investor | Social Entrepreneur (Circular Economy)

12 pm to 1:00 pm

Lunch (1:00 pm to 2:00 pm) 


Sustainable Business Practices across supply chain

  • The operational difference between emerging countries and developed one’s
  • Backward linkage Sourcing of the products and services and forward linkage distribution to form a clean supply chain
  • Case studies – learnings and success stories


New-tech for sustainability

  • Automation in manufacturing processes
  • Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning to achieve sustainable economy
  • Digitization of the processes – Mining, Oil and Gas, Banking and others


2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Investing in Research and development of Sustainable practices

Achieving sustainability is a continuous process of any company and every industry is to set a process for the same. A roundtable is organized industry-wise to set the process and identifying areas to invest in. This shall yield to profitable outcomes in terms of measurable ESG/SDG parameters for the investors. Thus mapping the outcomes to monetary benefits.

Mining, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Retail, Technology

ESG for Inclusion: Financially Impactful ESG as the Differentiator for Asset Managers

  • Discuss how accurate ESG analysis has been used to identify suitable high return investment opportunities in sectors that would otherwise have been excluded
  • Beyond ‘exclusion’ how can you further identify where investment opportunities lie, and how to quantify acceptable ESG risk for higher returns
  • Utilize ESG as a core tool alongside financials to fully assess an investment opportunity
  • Understand how utilizing ESG to take acceptable risks interacts with your investment principles and the principles of your clients

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Impact Investing: Dialogues and pitching

Audience votes

Keynotes: Top Investors from varied geographies

Sharing their experiences, parameters, criterias set and to follow

Speed Dating for Business:

8 mins interaction with each person across table introducing your business and exchanging cards

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Roadmap for Emerging Economies to Developed Economies: Shifting gears from conventional to sustainable economies

Financial markets play a vital role in the growth of any economy. The difference and similarity in approach to chalk a common path by the stakeholders in the financial industry is deliberated. 

  • Priorities to be addressed, Standardization of process for measuring, monitoring and investments, Parameters to consider and let go, Setting goals for 5 years, Financial markets play a vital role in the growth of any economy. The role of stock exchanges, AMC’s, VC’s, Family offices, PE’s, institutional investors is analyzed and goals are set. 

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

IRIN Award Ceremony and Cocktail Party from 7:00 pm



Chairman & Founding Partner

Mr. Rubinstein is the Chairman and Founding Partner of TBLI Group Holdings B.V. with headquarters in The Netherlands. The Company was founded in 1998 with the mission of integrating ESG and TBLI into the culture and strategy of international corporate business and investment companies. Mr.Rubinstein has been instrumental in championing Sustainable and IMPACT investment dedicated to solving social issues. Prior to TBLI, Mr. Rubinstein had an extensive career in publishing. He founded the first bicycle magazine in The Netherlands, FIETS in 1981, and Source magazine in 1995, a publication focused on integrating “profits and principles” as a message to the business community. FIETS and Source were based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. FIETS was sold to VNU Magazines and it is still in circulation today.

Mr. Rubinstein taught courses in Sustainable Finance at the Rotterdam School of Management from 2003–2006 and in his career has delivered many lectures at international business schools and universities.

Mr. Rubinstein has served on various profit and nonprofit boards,and advises various organizations; i.e. International Center for Corporate Accountability, WE- TV editorial advisory board, IMSA (International Sustainability Consultancy), Chairman Swift Prize of the King Boudewijn Foundation, 3IG-International Interfaith Investment Group, Fortis Investments SRI fund., ICCA Advisory Board, and the Developments Alternatives Advisory Council. He was also a board member of the ASN Foundation, for nearly 10 years. At present, he is on Advisory Board of Wealth & Society , and Advisory Board at AUNCL- AMITY UNIVERSITY NOVEL COMMUNICATION LAB.

Rubinstein is a tenacious public speaker on both TBLI and ESG at global conferences and has been asked to speak at numerous engagements including the Global Reporting Initiative, the inaugural Impact Investing Israel Summit and World Pension Council in Singapore. TBLI was asked to organize a session at COP21, Paris in December 2015 and more recently, Mr. Rubinstein was invited at the request of Natural Step, a leading advisor on Sustainability for the Swedish corporate sector attended by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

organizing partner

Catalyzing Women’s Power and Influence through Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The team comes with years of diverse and global experience across technology, healthcare, capital, diversity and inclusion. Our mission is empowering women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds by providing access to capital, education and digital resources by introducing to programs: Women Entrepreneurship –

Enabling micro, small, medium women led businesses with access to capital, education and digital resources to scale and grow; Diversity and Inclusion – Promoting and supporting programs enabling women, minority and differently abled to be part of the economic workforce; Innovation at Scale –

Bringing innovation labs across the globe together to create innovative solutions for global and local needs; Women in Leadership – Bringing the leadership ecosystem together with our partners to advance women’s power and influence in leadership positions


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Media Partners

Daniel Hartz

Founder and CEO

“We highlight the people, ideas, and innovations protecting and healing the planet.
The podcast episodes showcase individuals, businesses, and organizations who have incorporated remarkable sustainable interventions in society. Champions are interviewed and additionally post articles about the positive changes occurring all over the world which propel us in a more sustainable direction.
Every guest of the podcast is a Sustainability Champion. They are leaders and innovators and their numbers are growing. 
Listen in to learn how you can incorporate sustainability into your daily life.”

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About IICSR Group

International Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (IICSR) established in 2015 is a training, research, and development institute dedicated to Responsible Business practices.

We offer courses with International practitioners to develop the global workforce of trained professionals for Sustainable Development. The courses are delivered by online and offline modes coupled with working on research papers, live projects solving global problems for senior executives, for student offering internships, and placement assistance. Our trainers are leading practitioners based in India, Africa, Europe, the USA, and other countries. We are also among the first one’s in India to curate 2 years full-time dual degree course in MBA in CSR.

Understanding the requirements of the working professionals we have designed a flexi learning model, self-designed Masters Certificate course with diverse range of courses.

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