Light of Life Trust

Light of Life Trust, a non-governmental organization established in 2002 by Founder and Managing Trustee, Villy Doctor, with a vision is to transform the lives of underprivileged rural communities in India through Education, Livelihood, and Skilling programs and Primary Health Care services. It holds a vision to transform the lives of underprivileged rural communities in India and the mission to break the generational cycle of poverty, one life at a time.

Light of Life Trust,  supports single parent, neglected, tribal and/or orphan children, youth and women from rural communities of India, and their holistic development. The COVID-19 crisis has taken over lives and affected many financially as well as physically and mentally. At Light of Life Trust, is constantly making an effort to reach out to the economically challenged class.

For COVID-19 the trust has introduced many ways and means through which it can reach out to the people and provide them with the best possible help.

Food Distribution: COVID-19 sees no barriers when it comes to contagion.                
However, some are more affected because of the side effects the disease brings along with it.especially the people who faced the loss of job and daily wages.


Light of Life Trust has managed to tie up with tehsil Kirana stores, who send hygiene and grocery products to the village Kirana store. The social workers/ parent representatives, pick up the supply from the store, and then make sure to distribute it to our beneficiary’s family. The kit consists of 3 handwash soaps, 5kg rice, 2 kg dal, 1 kg whole pulses, 5 kg wheat flour, 2 liters cooking oil and masala powders. By providing food and hygiene products to our 6240 beneficiary families, Light of Life trust are also building their immune system in order to fight this deadly virus.

Beneficiary Counselling Programme: There is a lot of news going on about the Covid-19. While some of it is true, people are subjected to a whole lot of fake news as well as rumors. The villages, especially, are at a complete loss, owing to the information they get from various sources. Over the last few days, since the news of the lockdown and quarantine came into practice, a lot of the villagers have been in a state of panic. In order to help them out, the foundation has started the Beneficiary Counselling Programme. Two doctors – Dr. Geetanjalee Rao Hajare (Karjat Centre) and Dr. Hemant Ghude (Murbad center) have been at the helm of the affairs and have taken matters into their hands to do the counseling for the villagers. They relentlessly answer all the queries of our villagers about Covid-19.

Online Lectures: School has been affected by COVID-19 as well. While classroom teaching has been suspended, their studies have also been disrupted. Well, necessity is the mother of all invention,s and Light of Life Trust made no delay in applying its mind and came up with a plan to teach online. Technology has certainly turned out to be a boon for our volunteers and students at Light of Life Trust. The teachers have been conducting online lectures for the students in the village areas. Surya Darji, a Mathematics teacher, of the Worli Centre, has formed a group of 10th standard students and he is conducting online lectures for them. These lectures are then solved by problem-solving sessions online. Not just academics, the use of technology can be seen in the arts field as well. The students of the Anant program (which is in association with The Flowering Tree Inc.) have been practicing their music and dance diligently at home. Jagdish Patil and his wife Reshma conduct music lessons online for the students. Similarly, Vaishnavi, our dance teacher has been imparting dance lessons online.

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