Livinguard Rural Filter

Livinguard Rural Filter – 14 Liter Capacity


“The LivinguardTM Rural Filter is a storage-type filter-purifier, featuring the LivinguardTM Candle for Microbiological purification without the use of electricity or chemical dosing. The containers are made from food-grade PET, making the filter lightweight and portable. It is quick and easy to assemble and requires minimum maintenance Filtration / Purification methodologies”


– Coarse Particulate Removal up to 10 microns
– Pre-filtration, turbidity, and dirt removal up to 5 microns
– Activated Carbon polishing for unpleasant odour, colour and organic material removal
– Fine particulate and microorganism filtration up to 1 micron
– LivinguardTM Microbiological purification
– Water Flow Rate
– 2-5 Liters/hour*
– Capacity
– Top input container: 6 Liters
– Bottom storage container: 8 Liters
– Input Water pressure
– None (gravity based filtration)
– Input Voltage
– No electricity required
– Livinguard Candle Life

Upto 1 year warranty