Livinguard Technologies

Livinguard Technologies, a 100 % subsidiary of Green Impact Holdings, Switzerland is a technology driven company, which focuses on coating textiles which have applications in healthcare, water purification, hospitality, food preparation and tactical apparel. Complemented by other textile solutions, Livinguard is a revolutionary textile coating technology which renders textiles disinfecting in nature.
From 2010 Mr Swamy, at the behest of Brig Kevin Mann, UK, has been working on a textile that could be worn by soldiers on the field for weeks without spreading rashes or diseases. The technology was perfected in 2011. The same concept has been used as technology for the water purification process. The textile kills all bacteria and viruses that comes into contact with human cells and remains nontoxic to humans, and finally, the killing action is dependent on contact to the textile. Micro biologically contaminated water comes into contact with textiles, the bacteria and other microbiological pathogens in the water could be killed as well.
Case Details:
Livinguard has worked using a grass root level approach right from the start. With each field experience, Livinguard made adjustments to the systems themselves and then to the approach with NGOs, locals, and corporates. Through a thorough analysis of its current practices, Livinguard will be able assess what the next steps are to be taken in order to continue optimizing its process.
Social Audit / Impact Assessment Studies:

  1. Macro and Micro Analysis
  2. Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Benchmarking indicators for the project
  4. Establishing Social Monitoring System
  5. Evaluation of similar projects in the surrounding
  6. Government schemes for drinking water and subsidies offered

Client: Livinguard Technologies Pvt Ltd
Location: Jambalpada Maharashtra
Intervention: Social Audit / Impact Assessment