Omkar Developers

Omkar believes in inclusive redevelopment doctrine as progressive solution to make Mumbai a slum-free and highly habitable city. Omkar is proud about the fact that, over the years, the brand has managed to develop as a role model for inclusive and progressive redevelopment in city’s slum rehabilitation space. While denting the city’s image and being a serious impediment for infrastructural growth, the slums occupying almost half of the city are negating the future progress of existing and future generations. An estimated 7-8 million of Mumbai’s resident population is living in denials facing extremely challenging circumstances. Omkar has begun Skills Training Programs across it’s SRAs in association with multi-level engagement with corporates, government etc.

Case Studies:

Omkar builders wanted to initiate skills development programs to enable people  become economically sustainable. To realize this mission they had to conduct need  assessment/baseline studies in all the SRAs in Mumbai. CSRDS conducted Need  Assessment of more than 25,000 households living in SRAs.

 Locations: Bhoiwada, Khaprideo, Worli, Malad, Majaswadi – Jogeshwari, Lower Parel.

Baseline Survey / Need Assessment:

  1. CSRDS formulated teams for each SRA and trained the surveyors to conduct training and to understand the needs of the  people in between the lines.
  2. An exhaustive data analysis was conducted to understand the requirement of the people
  3. Collaborations with corporates was guided by CSRDS leading to macro stakeholder engagement and partnership.
  4. To engage End Beneficiaries programs were conducted and CSR Heads of various organizations were invited to interview  candidates of SRA.•SROI Forecasting was conducted during need assessment.
  5. A detailed baseline survey/need assessment report was delivered.

Client: Omkar Builders
Intervention: Baseline Survey
In Association: Sustainable Square Pvt Ltd