Social Return on Investment – SROI Workshop (February 2015)

Social impact is usually measured intangibly on the basis of direct feedback from beneficiaries, surveys, or other soT methods of comparing organizational targets  or societal goals. They are reported in terms of capital invested or  number of beneficiaries. In other words, current social measurement trends arenot at all indicative of real success. Our social impact measurement model (which  is in accordance with the global SROI – Social Return on Investment Network)  converts social change into financial terms, parallel to and in the same language as  a year-end financial report. This works by measuring the impact, based on modern  stakeholder engagement and accounting methods, conceptualized by leading  economists, by creating financial proxies and indicators on how the project or  initiative has created measurable quantifiable value to the society.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Harsha Mukherjee and Dr.Monaem  Lellahom and was attended by more than 25 corporates from diverse fields  of industry.

Location: Mumbai –  MH 

Intervention: SROI  Workshop

In Association: CSR  Advisors