Water Health

Stakeholder Out reach
CSR Development Stories Pvt Ltd is the voice for Social Enterprises and Non profit organizations in India. In order, to enable them we connect them with the relevant corporates and donor organizations to explore collaboration at different levels mutually. Water Health International purifies water using multiple technologies like UV light disinfection and multi- stage filtration to remove silt, bad taste, odours and microbiological contamination (e.g., bacteria, viruses, parasites). In addition to our base system, we have add-on modules that can treat specific contaminants as needed. We regularly test the
quality of the water that we produce, using both internal and external laboratories, to ensure that it exceeds WHO quality standards. Water Health also maintains a centralized monitoring and quality control system to ensure that we provide consistently high-quality water. Our intervention, helps them in forward linkage to support the end beneficiaries.