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International Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility


SDG Cart is an E commerce platform promoting the entrepreneurs furthering the cause of Sustainable development goals

Ekjaa Foundation is an implementation arm for social welfare projects to achieve Responsible Business Leadership

InvalUmetrics is a rating agency on non-financial performance of corporates on the lines of ESG and SDG parameters and timely tested frameworks.

Digital Parliament is an app to connect masses with the elected leaders of their respective constituency.

Live interaction with Global Changemakers is a weekly event interacting with the leaders working towards Responsible Leadership.

Youth Questions is an interactive platform for the youth to question the elected political leaders for the matters that concern them and the future at large.

IICSR-HR platform is for people looking for job opportunities in the space of CSR, Sustainability and Responsible Business Leadership

International Responsible Investors Network is a network for investors who believe in Responsible and ethical investments adhering to ESG, SDG and similar frameworks.

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IICSR is building India’s first Eco-Friendly institute, developing centers of excellence for Research and development of Sustainable and Responsible Business specific to the industry

Feedback from our clients from advisory allied services, students from trainings and implementation projects.

IICSR has a premier Membership system for the corporates to build a network of responsible business leaders

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Next Step is a biannual event to groom entrepreneurs to pitch to the investors​

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About International Institute Corporate Sustainability Responsibility Group

IICSR Group has been established since 2010 and has excelled in developing Responsible Business Leadership. It started with doing CSR implementation projects, social monitoring, impact measurement and has now expanded to training, advisory, events, advocacy related services in Sustainability and CSR.


It is guided by the Knowledge Advisors who are industry leaders and experienced trainers for strategy and building a roadmap for the organization.


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India office: 701 A Mangalam, Upper Govind Nagar, Malad – East, Mumbai – 400097, India.

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